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5 Honolulu Gems for Creatives and Artists

Each of these unique spots are great places to create or draw inspiration (pun intended) for your next masterpiece project. Collectively, these spaces influence innovative arts-culture that distinguishes Honolulu, Hawaii from other cities around the world. These spaces also host events and workshops that empower you to meet solid, like-minded folks. Fat chance they have an impact in your creative journey.  

Quartz & Thistle 

Located in Chinatown on Maunakea Street & recently opened in May 2022, this space will instantly make you feel like you are part of the ohana (family). Quartz and Thistle’s unique retail section offers a wide range of spiritual living items such as crystals, sage, palo santo sticks, and tarot cards, making it a rare jewel of its niche in Honolulu. A personally enjoyable feature about this space is its unique atmosphere and lounge area to “do work, create, or just come cruise” as its owner Terry says. Between the store, its lounge space, community workshops, and events, this space is guaranteed to significantly enhance your creative and spiritual energy.


The Storyteller’s Collective

In Chinatown around the corner from Quartz and Thistle is a new, emerging space called the Storyteller’s Collective by Ember Media Hawaii. The Storyteller’s Collective is dedicated to inspiring collective action and social impact in a budget friendly way. A cadre of local, creative visionaries ranging from photographers, painters, dancers, and designers are utilizing this space to make waves. Seeing and being a part of the transformation of this place from a rugged, vandalized, abandoned trap house attic to the enchanting space that it is now and continuing to become adds a compelling sense of growth, purpose, and soul to its character. 

Kekoa Collective

Travel, Surf, Jiu Jitsu is the common theme and passions of this place. “Mindful Living” is its philosophy. Originally located in Ward Centre, Kekoa Collective started to build its community from people walking by and noticing people grappling in front of the shop. It has since moved a half mile Mauka (towards the mountains) and its new location has become far more than a retail surf shop with jiu-jitsu mats, it has become a cultural hub. It's an embodiment of folks (like myself) who share similar passions and interests. Although the retail space is smaller, the community and culture is thriving and expansive. Kekoa Collective has evolved into an idealistic clubhouse with those that share similar interests. As James, one of the spaces keepers describes, “It's the people that make this space what it is.” This space is a vibe-call to surf and jiu jitsu inspired creators whose hobbies propel them to produce art.

Ka Wai Wai 

Ka Wai Wai Collective is a space for discovery, inspiration, and creation rooted in Hawaiian culture. As soon as you walk through the door & kick your slippahs (footwear) off, you have entered a distinct space of makaku (creativity). Located in the Varsity building near the intersection of University & King street, this place is geared as a co-working space. They put on many community events that highlight Hawaiian culture, making this place a great spot for creative cultural artistry. Its atmosphere and ambience will stamp an impression in your next art piece. 

The Gallery & Hawaiian Aroma Cafe at the Waikiki Beachcomber

With its theme & emphasis placed on wellness, this space is located in the heart & bustle of Waikiki. It is a diversity hub for creatives from all over the world, making it a gem of a place to hit up. The cafe portion of the space hosts fun events that highlight local artists, altering the coffee-shop workspace into a chic social gathering place to meet local and foreign talent. The Gallery, located on the first floor is specifically an arts-cafe. This is the place to view the works of both established and emerging local artists, while getting your caffeine fix or acai bowl. It is also a place to get artist exposure. If you are in Waikiki and want fun place to work during the daytime or interact with other creatives at their events, swing by. 



In summary, the spaces around us influence our ability to create and produce. Stop by, enter with respect, aloha, and open-mindedness. You’ll leave with a further sense of community belonging, inspiration, and added-value into your life. 

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