6 Hacks to Conquer and Vanquish Your Creative Block (Buckle Up)

6 Hacks to Conquer and Vanquish Your Creative Block (Buckle Up)

Have you hit that creative block? Follow these 6 hacks and you’ll be back at full throttle real quick busting through any inspirational barriers. 

  1. Open your hands, place palms on a flat surface, bang your head against your desk, and repeat 5x. Kidding…it works better on a brick wall with 10 repetitions. But really, the first hack is to lighten up and have a laugh. This one is critical, as we need to relieve the pressure on ourselves and for a moment, not take things so seriously. I’ll stand in front of a mirror and act out a character (fictional or non-fictional), sometimes even incorporating a horrible fake accent. This lightens up the mood and clears away the cortisone.

  2. Do something active, then set an equal amount of time for a cool-down stretch. Step outside of your work space and get the heart rate pumping. The activity does not need to be a slay-fest but it should not be easy either. Once your exercise or physical activity is complete, go for a walk or find a place to get a deep stretch. Though I am consistent about exercising and having a very active lifestyle, I switch up my fitness activities. One of my most fun ones is to do a dynamic warm up, surf my brains out, then do a group yoga session, focusing on full body stretches. 

  3. Improve or switch-up your workspace. Fat chance that your atmosphere is affecting your creative productivity. Get away from the distractions and go to a coffee-shop or co-working space. To improve your workspace, clean the area, get rid of the extra clutter, and organize. Add some plants and run some scents on a diffuser. For an incredible booster, mount one or three chic R.Kishida art designs on your wall. 

  4. Get inspired. Visit a museum, learn more about someone who is a professional at your craft, surround yourself in a stirring area whether it is a botanical garden, nature, or a mosh-pit at a metal concert. Make a dreamboard or collage. For me, it's traveling, going somewhere far away from home. When at home, I’ll go to a bookstore or art festival. Pinterest is also my go-to starting point and often does the trick. 

  5. Now that the de-stress process is complete, its time to boost confidence. Make a list of positive attributes or experiences that make you unique. Here’s a bullet: the fact that you’re working to master your craft, create, and produce makes you stand out from many of your peers who are relaxing, playing video games, or mindlessly scrolling through tik-tok for extended periods of time makes you a stud-in-progress. 

  6. What is your purpose? Find your why. Micro level: this is a project for an event. Who is your audience / client?What message are you trying to send. For example, this project is to promote environmentally sustainable practices. On a long-term or macro level: I am developing my skill set and setting up for financial freedom etc. I create art because even if it is disliked, when I am no longer here, I know that I did everything in my power to leave a personal and positive mark on this earth.
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