"Means to Channel Creativity" - The story behind the artist statement

"Means to Channel Creativity" - The story behind the artist statement

“Means to channel creativity”

Finding balance is a constant and common challenge we all face. But what happens when we are significantly off-centered? When we are knocked off, hit the ground, and have to scrape whatever hope we have to get out of the dark spaces and pick ourselves back up.

I absolutely enjoy what I do for my job as a military service member and am great at it. I proudly work in a very structured and rigid organization where good order, discipline, and absolute professionalism are integral to its efficiency and success. It is the business of warfighting. Being in uniform for most of the week, my left brain (aka the analytical, methodical side) was constantly engaged while my creative, playful, and free-spirited side was being suppressed. Work and experiences come with a shift in personality and thought process. 

In 2020, I had moved to the continental U.S. as people’s lifestyles suddenly changed with the pandemic. During this time, I was in a physically harsh and challenging training environment and went through a grievous sequence of events that has a profound effect on who I am. At an all-time low, I had felt an incredible loss of confidence and self-esteem. I started to notice that I was naturally allocating the little “free-time” I had to music and digital art. Producing art became more than just a hobby, it was a route to escape my darkness and nourish my soul. 

Fast forward one year, then another. I have healed, progressed. My art style has since developed, along with military career. When the uniform goes on, so does my game-face. I compartmentalize. Balance will always be an ongoing challenge. Yet, with all the experiences and moments, I have discovered a medium to express and engage my artistic and imaginative side - a means to channel creativity. What's yours?

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