Artist Bio

Rhema [Rey-ma] was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. After spending a couple years in Southern California, he moved back to the island in 2022.

Growing up, surf art, landscape designs, and military graphics in history books always caught his creative fascination. Rhema's digital art started with logos and shirt designs, favoring bold outlines and geometric patterns. Since then his style has gradually evolved into digital illustrations that coalesce the Art Deco look with a Hawaii, "earthy" colored, and minimalist touch.

Rhema enjoys travelling the world for cultural awareness, immersion, and creative inspiration.

Business Bio

Kulu LLC was originally started as a business in the tech space, primarily geared for web design and application development. Its vision has shifted towards media creation and helping other businesses grow through marketing (via branding and advertising) and business analytics.

Kulu is partnered with Ember Media, a Hawaii-based marketing and creative strategy business. Visit for more information.

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